Our 7 Month Tenant Warrant

The best way to rent your property is to limit your risk  of a bad tenant. We have the experience, systems, tools and know how to be able to snuff out dead beat tenants that are looking to take advantage of property owners.

We are so confident of our service and expertise we have created our “up to 7 month tenant warranty program”. We are the only company in St Louis to offer such a impressive program. Our program is designed to protect the property owner from dead beat tenants or folks that just ran into bad luck. We have found through experience that if a tenant is going to default, they are going to do it in the first 7 months.

If the tenant stops making payments or is in violation of any of the lease terms and moves out, we will replace them with a new tenant free of charge.

Benefits of our Tenant Warranty:

  • Hedges risk against a bad tenant
  • Gives you peace of mind knowing
  • Increase profits

With our industry crushing 7 month tenant warranty and expertise you would be a fool not to use us for your tenant placement services.

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